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Attaining Full Pectoral Balance!
The large, beautiful fan-like muscle complex built on top of your deep rib box, the pectorals, must be equally thick over the entire slab-like area to achieve the big titles in todays contests.


Champion Chest Development:
– Building Fully Developed –
Upper, Lower-Outer, and Inner Pecs

Caution! You may find your pecs getting huge, full, developed and striated to the max! Don’t worry, this is a normal side effect of intensely performing these pectoral training techniques and exercises.

The large, beautiful fan-like muscle complex built on top of your deep rib box, the pectorals, must be equally thick over the entire slab-like area to achieve the big titles in todays contests.

Far to often, the pecs fall victim to uneven development caused by only doing flat bench presses. Back in bodybuilding’s dark ages this was considered more than plenty to develop the pecs, but that just won’t do today. Mere bench pressing over time will develop pecs with thick outer edges, but shallow inner and upper sections. Don’t get me wrong, flat bench is essential…but, not all inclusive. If this boat carries you aboard, two things: first, you’re in the boat with the most people; second, get ready to jump ship!

The exercises and training techniques found here will help you build those tough, often lagging pecs into the full, round, even and thick pairs of striated, muscular squares with rounded corners that you yearn for! The pecs can fall behind quick if they aren’t trained with the right exercises at high intensity. But, it’s also possible for your pecs to grow too large if you train them too much. Too large? Yeah, too large. The goal with bodybuilding is symmetry and balance. You technically don’t want any muscle group to be out of proportion in size compared to the surrounding muscle groups. In the pecs case: delts, lats, traps, and arms. More often than not though, the pecs are the group lagging, as you well know they can be difficult to build.


Click on the part of the pectoral you need to work for training tips and exercises geared specifically towards bringing that section of the pectorals up to par! In a Nut Shell
Inner Pecs
Upper Pecs
Lower-Outer Pecs
General Pecs

In a Nutshell…
Developing full, completely balanced pectorals requires applying stress to the various portions of the pectoral. In Joe Weider’s Ultimate Bodybuilding (a highly recommended book to purchase), it states:

“For example, presses (with barbell, dumbbells, or machine) and flyes performed on an incline bench will isolate stress on the upper pecs. The same movements done on a decline bench isolate stress on the lower and outer pectorals. And to place maximum stress on the inner pecs, you can do pec-deck flyes and narrow-grip bench presses. The accumulation of movements performed from a variety of angles will ultimately give you perfect

see more here http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/pecs.htm


Build 10 Pounds Of Muscle While You Lose Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat While Gaining Muscle


BELOW – TRY  >  The 7 Minute Workout 




Gladiators in the film The 300 had powerful well muscled physiques and chiseled abs. This isn’t something these actors were born with and in fact a good amount of all of them had average bodies that wouldn’t impress anyone in a crowd. The incredible transformation that was achieved with this group of actors was unbelievable and is going to be an inspiration to anyone that has always dreamed about having a muscular plus lean physique.

A metamorphosis like this specifies 2 things. You need to drop body fat in order to give the muscle definition and hardness. This will also give the appearance that they are much larger than they truly are. The second thing you must do is add some muscle and shape. This does not need to be 30 or forty pounds of muscle but may simply be a well placed 10 pounds of muscle through the body. The combination of adding ten pounds of muscle whereas losing 10 pounds of fat can leave you weighing exactly the same but looking like a absolutely different person.

Total Transformation in only twelve Weeks

Here is how you alter your body in 12 weeks in record time. Follow a workout program which has phases designed for both fat loss and muscle building separately. This way you can focus intensely on one issue at a time which is able to give visible results in the mirror and a huge boost in confidence inspiring you to continue your program. The body adapts to stimulus in 3 to four weeks whether it be fat loss or mass building. For ultra fast results just switch it up every 3 weeks prior to full adaptation.

Burn fat quick for 3 weeks with full body workouts designed to strengthen your body and core

and add hiit cardiovascular a couple days a week to quicken the fat loss. The loss of fat effect of full body workouts is amazing and if you have never done it you will immediately see the difference in the mirror as you watch your waistline shrink fast.

Add mass fast for 3 weeks with high frequency training. This is where you focus on training every muscle 5 days per week with various weights, exercises, reps, rest intervals, and sets. This is often shock treatment like no other and your body will respond with a resounding yes by showing you immediate gains in muscle in the chest, shoulders, delts, biceps, and everywhere else. The results in the mirror can be so apparent when you see new definition in your chest from a new layer of muscle that has been built.

10 10 Transformation

There is a workout which I have personally done for 12 weeks that mixes the power of three week alternating phases for rapid results. It is done by world renowned trainer Chad Waterbury. Chad is the director of strength and conditioning at Rickson Gracie Int. Jiu Jitsu Center in LA so he is a trainer to real life gladiators of today. His system will transform you into a gladiator giving you the physique you imagined. If you apply the effort you will receive the reward!





Start To Build Muscle FAST As Possible And Avoid The Pitfalls

It’s perfectly fine to look at yourself and decide you’d like to build muscle fast as possible. Maybe you’re too skinny or perhaps you find that you’re simply large in all the wrong areas. Building Muscle Fast can therefore put you in the type of shape that you want to be in.

Want to build muscle fast?

The result of this will be a better body image and a better self image as a whole, likely making you happier in the long run. The benefits of that are countless. In order to gain muscle though there is a lot that you have to do.

It is far from being an easy endeavor and you should therefore be aware right from the start that it is going to take a lot of work to get you to the place you want to be. This work come in the form of exercise or, more specifically, training with weights at a gym, and a complete overhaul of your diet. Like anyone suddenly deciding they want to gain muscle, you will likely need to start taking a lot of foods out of our normal diet and begin adding a whole bunch of new types of food into it.

More than that, you’re going to need to change the way you eat those foods, which is too say you’re going to have to change the quantity and frequency in which you eat. There are dangers to all of this and many people unfortunately overlook them. The dangers exist because any sudden change in diet can have negative consequences upon a person’s health.

These dangerous consequences normally occur when the diet is changed in a way that is wrong for a certain person, ending up not eating foods that their body really needs in favor of foods that do nothing other than

help you build muscle. Other things you should avoid is to over-exercise and become dehydrated. The latter is probably the most important; If you’re not used to vigorous workout you most likely aren’t used to understanding the way your body signals that it needs liquid.

Also, the sheer adrenaline rush that comes from lifting weights feels so good that it’s easy to be lured into the trap of exercising too much. Overdoing it won’t help you gain muscle and will in fact likely hinder it. Either way, combining too much weight training with too little hydration will leave you in a scenario you don’t want to be in.

The result can actually involve some serious damage to your health, and that’s often damage that isn’t reversible. The moral to take from all of this is that you shouldn’t go into something like this blindly. You should make sure you research as much as you can before taking on the mission of muscle gain.

Better than that, you should consider consulting a nutritionist and even a personal trainer. Neither of these is all that hard to come by and neither will necessarily cost you a great deal of money. Whatever you do, just don’t get carried away with trying to build muscle and overlook all of the precautions you should take.

Stay clear, plan ahead and think safe, and then you should be well on your way to your style to build muscle fast.


The Way To Build Muscle Mass Absent In The Gym

Build Muscle Mass

Achieving that preferred physical appearance, the constructed and healthy human body, is one area many of us want. Working on this is a trip quite a few dread to take, however, due to the considered that it is way too problematic. After you usually do not understand how to create muscle, it would look scary or overwhelming when making an attempt to get it done.

build muscle mass

Raspberry Ketone Diet Program

Lose weight while building muscle wit Dr. Oz's endorsed product. Click on this picture for details...

It’s possible you’ll keep to the advice of your close friends or anything you study occasionally, but that might not often be sufficient. The facts powering constructing muscle mass is that often there may be not a soul way for you to it. When you’re striving to receive that ideal human body, you must give consideration to the entire areas, like well-being and energy that go into it.

Eating the correct food items, doing the suitable workouts, and having the willpower and mind strength to go forward is likely to make a variation. If you’d like to check out effects, get started by examining your life and figuring out when you are subsequent all as you must.

When you are on the street to build muscle mass > establishing muscle, you need to contemplate your food plan. The foodstuff you eat makes a massive distinction, meaning you ought to be selecting the right things. Feeding on and consuming the proper food items is sometimes a hard element for those who choose to understand how to make muscle, but it does not have to generally be.

Using in protein, developing protein shakes put up training, eating healthy and self-made, and staying away within the junk which may get from the means of your purpose are merely some issues to maintain in your mind.

Of course, you can’t forget the workouts. While not bodily activity, you are not likely for being during the shape you wish to be. Previously you start smacking the weights, even though, it’s best to commence on cardiovascular. Here is the best technique to do away with the extra body fat that could be among you and displaying many abs you need. By working, swimming, cycling, or beginning on every other successful cardiovascular training session, you could start out trimming down for your new body. You will build muscle mass in time.

build muscle mass

Any time you are to the proper diet regime and not have bothersome excess fat during the strategy for your desire physique, you possibly can begin on your own journey to build muscle. By going to your health and fitness center, possibly from home or perhaps community area, you can start lifting and getting on your own towards bodily ailment you would want to be in.

It is actually vital to keep in mind that you could not start off for the prime, although. If you do additional than you are able to deal with, you chance an damage which may grow to be really severe, in a short time. Increase the frequency, depth, and time as you carry on and you ought to see the body steadily getting the powerhouse you would like it for being.

Your mind plays just like large of the purpose on your objective to develop muscle as your body. Not having the willpower not to only carry on, but force your self so you need to do not hit a plateau, you may not ensure it is also much.

If you happen to feel as though you will be mentally drained which is not any much more, you may need to begin revamping your mind-set and the way you’re taking on this task. If you’d like that far better system, you need to be inside the correct frame of mind and confront all kinds of things which includes a willing to do it way of thinking.

You can read more details about the best programs to gain muscle mass effectively by clicking: The best way to Build Muscle Mass .


Strategies to Build Muscle Fast

The road to bodybuilding is often a long and laborious one, but fortunately quite a few methods are actually detected from the rising research of fitness physiology. These techniques will allow you to start build muscle fast > at a substantially increased pace than normal. The 1st magic formula is that you don’t need to exercise each muscle group for hours on a daily basis.

Build Muscles Fast > Men and Women

In the traditional method of bodybuilding, there was no way to build muscle fast. You’ll hit the workout room for 3 to four long hours every single day and exercised the entire body on daily basis. This has since transformed in our contemporary world.

Athletic physiology became a science and weight lifting begun to acquire a significantly more methodical methodology implemented to body-building for sportsmen in most sporting activities.

Bodybuilders picked this up and commenced to workout smart, seeking methods of acquire muscle mass fast. These individuals continue to invest in extended amounts of time at the gym, but the good news is it was actually roughly half of the time these individuals used to devote. Why are they able to do this? Workouts and schedules have been re-evaluated for the optimum approach to build muscle fast, and larger.

Doctors learned that it was crucial to recover muscle tissue after they were being worked strenuously, or else they get fatigued and are unable to progress any further.

In recent times, serious weightlifters are advised to work each muscle to full exhaustion a single day a week. Of course, they have some work out whenever you develop several other muscles, but it is unavoidable. It’s just on their “priority day” that they will be drained. Utilizing this type of procedure fast tracks

your lean muscle growth and also gets your body tougher by and large.

You don’t need to be afflicted by constant all-round muscle mass ache every day of the week simply because muscle groups able to recover and repair them selves.

Yet another discovery with muscle building was the breakthrough that exercising the particular group of muscles to downright weariness for every training appeared to be sufficient to tear it down. The healthy proteins ingested by a body builder would be predominantly employed to rebuild the cells, rather then establishing it even more.

If you’re a beginner muscle builder, you will need to seek out the guidance from the coach concerning the most effective way to assist you to lose weight safely and build muscle fast. The personal trainer at your neighborhood fitness facility certainly is the obvious individual to check out. They will generate a regimen for you personally that workouts every single muscle group to downright fatigue one or more times a week.

With that said, the journey to speedy muscular development is about exercising every single group of muscles smarter, and not a lot more. Relaxation is actually as important as strength training, and ingesting a smart eating plan is the most significant of all > to build muscle fast.

Build Muscle Fast With The Proper Exercise & Nutrition


The Anabolic State – How to Build Muscle Fast

Matty Wiggins
If you want to build muscle fast, your body has to be in the correct hormonal blance – i.e. in an anabolic state. Intensely performed resistance training is a huge part of stimulating muscular growth, but to attain the maximum amount of muscle mass possible, depends on a few things being “just right”.

Benefits of Anabolic Cooking

Much of this is as a result of your diet being in check, which includes various things you can do to ensure your body being put into an anabolic state:

1 – Like you probably learned in school, protein is necessary when wanting to build muscle fast, as muscle is essentially comprised of protein. Amino acids repair and rebuild muscle tissue after hard resistance training, and these amino acids are supplied by protein. You should strive to consume 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day from clean sources like fish, chicken, red meat, whey, and low-fat dairy. Eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day to spread out your protein intake so that your body can take advantage of more of it and not overtax the liver.

2 – The body derives energy from carbohydrates, so if you want to build muscle fast, ensure you get adequate carbohydrate intake. Insulin basically ‘pushes’ amino acids into muscle cells to begin the muscular repair process, and insulin is release in the presence of carbohydrates. Since the body does use carbs for energy, if you consume too few, the body will then start to use protein as an energy source instead of using it for muscle repair and growth. Eating 1.-1.5 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight per day is a good rule. Get your carbs from foods like potatoes, pasta, rice,

fruit, all the vegetables you can eat, and good sources of whole grains.

3 – Simply put – take in more calories. Unless you’re trying to lose bodyfat, you need to be in a caloric surplus in order to build muscle fast (this means you take in more calories than you burn up). A good rule of thumb is to figure your daily caloric maintenance level and add 10% to account for gaining muscle, getting your split of calories from 50% carbs, 40% protein, and 10% fat.

4 – Muscle growth doesn’t happen during your workouts – it happens while you rest. That said, you have to make sure you’re getting enough rest – both in terms of days off training between workouts, and getting enough sleep each night. Muscle growth just won’t happen if there’s not enough recovery time built into your overall program. At the same time, your body’s testosterone and growth hormone levels will only have a chance to be optimal if you sleep enough.

5 – Adding good supplements to a sound diet is never a bad idea. Most of the time, all you’ll ever need would be a good whey protein, creatine, and l-glutamine.

6 – If you want to build muscle fast, don’t do too much aerobic exercise. Since you need to be in a caloric surplus to add muscle, burning too many extra calories by doing cardio could easily turn counterproductive.

7 – Drink plenty of water. If you don’t drink enough water, you can end up in a case (even if it be a mild one) of dehydration, and this adversely affects the muscular growth process. After all, remember that a muscle is comprised of roughly 70% water, so getting enough water will ensure proper volume in the muscle itself. You will build muscle fast!

Anabolic Cooking

This picture is not about anabolic cooking so much - she just looks good > click on tummy


How To Build Muscle Without Equipment

Build Muscle Without Equipment?   Choosing on where you want to exercise, be it at home or the gym, is an important factor to helping you build muscle. There are many factors to consider that need to be evaluated when deciding which is one is the best place to exercise at. . Once you determined what place is best suited for you to go exercise at, you can then focus on building your workout routines .

Accelerated Way to Build Muscle Without Equipment

You can do an amazing job building your perfect body without equipment - click on this picture for details..

As you probably know, working out at home has many advantages. Two of the most obvious are convenience and finances. The cost of a monthly membership, the time it takes to drive to the gym, high gas prices, having no one to watch your kids, can make it difficult for most people to consider the gym as best option to get in shape. On the other hand, one might consider a big disadvantage from working out at home instead of the gym. That of course would be access to weight equipment, however > you can build muscle without equipment.

One must consider the disadvantages and advantages when deciding what the best choice is. Of course a big advantage to working out at the gym is having access to weight equipment . But gym fees can be a bit costly for some . It can be considerably time consuming to drive to the gym. Gyms can also be over crowded making it difficult for you to get access to any the equipment you might need . On the other hand, training at home can save you money and less time consuming. Not to mention it can be a lot less frustrating While definetly being more convenient, unless you can knowledgably come up with an effective workout program you can build muscle without equipment and with minimal room, working out at home me not be your best option.

Build Muscle Without Equipment

Filling your home with bulky, expensive weight equipment can take up a lot of room The good news is you really don”t need a whole bunch of weight equipment if your trying to get in shape . With the proper workout routine you don”t need to use weights and you can workout practically anywhere in the house. This is done by combining Plyometrics with Calisthenics into a Circuit Training Routine .

Calisthenics + Plyometrics = Circuit Training

This form of circuit training, consist of using your own body weight as resistance(calisthenics) to build muscle, strength, and flexibility, combined with using explosive movements to develop muscle power(plyometrics). Plyometrics involves jumping and bounding exercises that are great for developing acceleration, speed, and power. It is a great method for improving you overall physical abilities by making you more explosive and improves your reaction time and to build muscle without equipment.  As stated earlier, these two exercise methods will be combined into a individual movement. With the callisthenic move being the base move and the plyo move is added to the very end or height of the movement . Good examples of exercises that combine both calisthenics with plyometrics are clapping pushups or a squat jumps .

The exercise movements consist of core exercises which will work most of your entire body, which is most effective for building muscle and functional strength. As well as improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility. By working your core you will burn a lot more fat and build muscle faster then you would if you just focused on your individual muscle groups. The circuit training routine you will perform consist of doing 4 sets with 5 exercise movements for each set. Instead of doing a set number of reps for every exercise, each one will last the duration of a minute. So each set will last for a total of 5 minutes. Excluding the time it takes to go from workout to workout. There should be no more then 15 seconds rest between each exercise.

This adds the element of aerobic conditioning (another way to build muscle without equipment), which will build your cardiovascular strength and burn a crazy amount of calories . There is a minute rest between each set and there are 4 sets total. There are really only two sets you will do for a total of ten different movements. The first set you will do again the third set and the second set you will do again on the fourth.

One thing to remember is that when doing any exercise movement, even as basic as a pushup, it can be difficult to do it correctly if you have never done it before or if you never were taught how to do it right . It is always more important to do the move correctly then it is to a bunch of reps and do wrong. Quality over quantity . You might not be working as hard while trying to learn the proper form at first, it will take time and patience, but if done correctly you will start to see results a lot sooner . If you do it wrong and keep doing it wrong, you will not see much progress . It”s good to have a mirror or even video record yourself to make the proper corrections to your form .

Body weight circuit training should be done 3x a week with Interval Running done twice a week, to achieve the best results to building your ideal body .

While weight lifting might be better for building muscle mass and overall strength, this workout will actually get you in better shape, you”ll get ripped faster, you”ll develop great explosive power, you still build lots of muscle, and you”ll have better overall functional strength and endurance and you will build muscle without equipment.

(Each round last for 5 mins, 1 minute per-exercise. 1 minute rest between rounds. You will complete each round twice consecutively, for a total of 4 rounds. It will look like this. Round 1, rest, Round 2, rest, Round 1, rest, Round 2, finish.)


Set: 1

* Prison Squats
* Military Pushups
* Skaters
* Hindu Squats
* Running in place as fast as you can

Set: 2

* Push-Ups
* Split Jump Lunge
* Jump Knee Tuck
* Hindu Pushup
* Mountain Climbers


Set: 1

* Wall Walk (Stand a few feet away from a wall with your back facing it. Bend backward into a bridge by walking yourself down the wall with your hands. Try to touch your head to the ground and climb yourself back up again. Repeat)
* Prison Squats (Burpees)
* Hindu Push-Up”s
* Split Jump Lunge
* Mountain Climbers

Round 2:

Build Muscle Without Equipment!

* Jump Knee Tuck (If you have stairs jump to the highest stair you possibly can. Then run back down and repeat.)
* Claping Push-Ups
* Skaters
* Military Push-Up’s
* Running in Place as fast as you can or Punching with Weights (3 to 5 pound dumbbells preferred)

So the answer to your question is, without a doubt, you can build muscle without equipment.


Three Simple Steps To Build Muscle Mass

Shawn LeBrun
There are 3 simple, proven steps you need to follow in order to build muscle mass. This article will reveal all three in just a moment. But first, let me ask, are you sick and tired of training every day, with little or no results to show for it? Are you sick and tired of looking in the mirror and seeing that same skinny person staring back at you day after day? Are you simply fed up with being skinny and failing to build muscle mass?

Failing to Build Muscle Mass

Guys want more than this - and so do girls. Click on the skinny guy for major ways to improve.

Well, this is the first step you have to take in your way of achieving a muscular body. You have to realize that a change needs to occur and that you’re not where you want to be.

Then, when you’ve realized that you really want to build muscle mass, all you have to do is get to work.

Easier said than done. Soon, if you’re a hard gainer, you’ll be asking yourself why isn’t there any increase in your muscle mass.

You may be asking yourself, why your past efforts seemed to have failed. You may be even asking yourself if all of your hard work was even worth it and if it’s even possible for you to build muscle mass.

If you want to build muscle, you’re going to have to understand the process. In order to build muscle mass, you’ll need to:

1) Organize a training plan that is conducive to building muscle.

You’ll need to organize a training program that focuses on building mass, strength, and muscle. The program needs to be structured in a way that optimizes your body’s natural strength.

You’ll need to use certain equipment that uses variable resistance that’s needed to stress or stimulate the muscle into growth.

You can use free weights like barbells and dumbbells, machines that incorporate pulley’s and cables such as the universal or home gym, or body weight exercises like chin ups or push ups.

Build Muscle Mass Fast! Click on the skinny guy in the green picture above.

Through the use of compound movements such as the bench press, shoulder press, barbell bent over rows, squats, and dead lifts, you incorporate supporting muscles as well as the targeted muscle, which equals more strength.

All things being equal, this will mean more muscle growth. Once you start using compound movements in your weight training program, you’ll start to use something called progressive resistance.

When you increase the amount of weight you lift on a continuing basis, your muscle fibers adapt to these greater demands by gaining strength and size. This is how you build muscle mass.

2) Organize a consistent meal schedule that will coincide with your current lifestyle.

The meal schedule must contain the necessary calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat to sustain a healthy increase in lean body weight.

If you’re wondering how to build muscle mass, this is the solution. To gain muscle, you need to eat. On a consistent basis – more calories on a daily basis than your body burns.

You need a consistent diet that is conducive to building muscle. If you simply change your eating habits around a little, you’ll start to grow and that you’ll start to see the results immediately.

Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you remember a few key points, you’ll do fine.

There you have the most basic, proven formula for building muscle mass: hard and heavy training followed by rest and consuming quality calories in the form of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

Protein, carbohydrates, and fat need to be structured in a balanced combination to support optimal muscle growth while maintaining overall good health. Once you have your diet down to a science, you’ll gain muscle mass.

3) Rest

Rest is one of the main factors for building muscle mass. Simply put, you have to rest in order to allow your body the time it needs to grow.

You need to give your body the time it needs to recuperate from the physical demands of your workouts. By putting constant stress on your body with no rest, you will stop your growth cold.

It is very important that you get the proper amount of rest in order to allow your body to grow. The amount of rest necessary will depend on your age, genetics, and current state of health.

If you’re a beginner, you generally need anywhere from two to three days rest. Depending on your intensity levels, you may need more. If you are training at high intensity, you may need three to four days rest.

If you feel any soreness in your body on your training day, your body is telling you to take another day off. You shouldn’t feel any soreness whatsoever on your training days.

You should feel strong, rested and energized each and every workout. If you feel tired, sore and drained of energy, you are either overtraining, under nourished, or under rested. Take the necessary time off, to fully recuperate from your workouts and come back ready to attack the weight.

To build muscle mass it is going to take a lot of hard work and consistency, but if you follow this information closely, you’ll build muscle mass you want.

If you don’t see a pound after the first week, don’t give up because this process doesn’t happen overnight. If you keep consistent at your diet, training, and rest, your body will have no choice but to grow and build muscle mass.


How to Build Muscle Mass and Muscle Size the Right Way!

21322269608_body-building-fitness-woman-abs-muscle-cool-b57fdb45077037c047f48dffdc13fc29-h.jpgLift Weights – Hard!
You must engage in a regular, structured weight-lifting program if you wish to add significant amounts of muscle mass to your body. Without getting into too many specifics here, suffice it to say that you should focus the brunt of your weight-lifting workouts on the performance of multi-joint, heavy-duty exercises: squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, and lat pull downs. These exercises utilize some of the biggest muscles in your body, and as a result, stimulate their release of large amounts of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone, both of which aid in muscle repair and muscle building. Constantly modify and change-up your weight-lifting workout routines to prevent your body from stagnating and getting used to the same old workout. But don’t waste your time performing lighter weight but higher rep exercises; focus the majority of your lifting around heavy weights!
Eat a Surplus of Calories
Yes, I said a surplus. In order to gain significant amounts of muscle mass, you have to regularly ingest more calories than you burn; that’s a proven fact! Yeah, I know, there are some genetic freaks out there that might be able to build muscle while dieting and reducing calories, but chances are you are not one of them! Gaining any type of weight, whether it be fat or muscle, requires extra calories above and beyond what you need to maintain your current body weight. The extra calories provide the necessary fuel for your body to lay down new muscle tissue. All the weight-lifting in th world will be wasted if you are not supplying your body with a surplus of fuel needed to feed muscle growth!
Expect Some Fat Gain
You didn’t think you were going to just grow more muscles without adding a little to your fat stores, did you? The flipside to eating a surplus of calories in order to fuel muscle growth is that you will also fuel extra fat accumulation. Again, unless you are a genetic freak or just plain lucky, you can’t eat a surplus of calories and not expect to gain some additional fat as a result. Hopefully, with all of your intense weight-lifting, the majority of your extra calories will be used for muscle repair and muscle hypertrophy, but expect that some of those extra calories will wind up in your fat stores.
Diet Matters – A lot!
To minimize fat gain and to ensure that your muscles receive adequate nutrtions, eliminate as much “junk” food as possible from your diet, cookies, cakes, french fries, burgers, etc, and make your diet heavy on good quality, nutritionally-dense foods: lean meats and dairy products, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes. As a rule of thumb, strive to consume at least 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of lean body weight. Protein is vital for muscle repair and growth, but don’t go crazy with it. Many people assume that eating extra gobs of protein will add muscle to their bodies faster, but that is not the case. Eat enough but don’t overdo it; any excess will simply be excreted from the body. The cleaner you keep your diet, and the less junk food that you eat, the healthier you will be, the more efficient your body will be, and you will limit the amount of fat that you gain while building

Muscle Building Exercises

01322269607_muscle-building-process.jpgMuscle Building Q&a

Advice on building muscle? I want to gain muscle primarily in my shoulders, biceps, forearms and lower abdomen. -The one and only equipment I have is two dumbbells. the dumbells won’t help you THAT much, you need a bigger continuum of dumbells, sign up at ur local YMCA and get one or two sessions… 5 of the Best Outdoor Muscle-Building Exercises

When it comes to muscle-building, it does not always have to be achieved through sophisticated equipments or fitness centers. As personal trainer I know a thing or two about working the muscles hard without expensive equipments. If you know the right exercises to do plus have the right amount of motivation, you can get results . For best muscle-building results, perform at least 5 sets up to a maximum 10 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions maximum load and rest only maximum of 60 seconds between sets. The 5 muscle-building exercises are as followed. Lose Fat With Muscle Building Techniques

How to use muscle building techniques to lose fat permanently. This puts the emphasis on good diet, good eating habits and choosing a training program to replace the fat with muscles. Muscle Building Exercises – Top 2 Exercises to Build Your Upper Body Fast

Did you know it’s possible to work your entire upper body thoroughly with just 2 simple exercises? There are many muscle building exercises to choose from but in all cases the most basic exercises without using fancy machines are always the best for developing raw strength and massive muscles. Find out how to build your entire body with this quick and easy workout.

This is another exercise that most men avoid like the plague. Most people will flock to the leg press machine or the leg extension in hopes of great leg development. This is another exercise that most people don’t like to do because it is extremely taxing on the body. Muscle building exercises like squats cannot be avoided if you are looking to build thick muscles and strength over your entire body. This isn’t just a leg exercise, this is a whole body exercise that will increase mass everywhere. If you want to gain muscle fast then make sure you are doing your squats every week. If you neglect this exercise you will be lucky to reach an average level of overall muscular development.

Weighted Dips

To create a massive upper body you need to work your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Weighted dips are another way to gain muscle fast. You can do several muscle building exercises to add lean mass to your upper body but you can get more bang for your buck by doing weighted dips. This single exercise is all a beginner really needs to build slabs of muscle and advanced trainees should use it to consistently push their body to the next level.

Chins / Pull-ups

Pull-ups are truly the king of exercises for upper back development. Anyone that you see with a very developed V shape has done chins. Forget those pulldowns on a machine. If you want to gain muscle fast you should be stepping up to a chin up bar and doing set after set of pull-ups and reverse grip pull-ups. When they get too easy you can add weight around your waist. This is one of the best muscle building exercises to add mass across the upper back and biceps. Your arms will actually grow as you do these week after week.

If you are serious about adding muscle then make sure you are adding these muscle building exercises every week. Leave the machines to the fitness people looking to tone up. Machines have their place and have advantages to certain people with specific goals but if your goal is to gain muscle fast then you must add these and continually seek to improve and lift heavier and heavier weights. Keep a journal and set goals. By pushing extra weight each month your body will be forced to adapt by getting stronger and gaining muscle.

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